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Apron and knife This is the first knife [pictured] that I made when I started at Mittenwald. I learnt to handle this knife with exact control so it became instinctive.

My apron is from when I started working at WE Hill & Sons, the biggest violin dealership and the best restoration company that ever existed, and the reason why I came to London at 22.

He matches soloists such as Maxim Vengerov with world-class violins, and he mentors young talents including Alina Ibragimova.

On April 10-12 he exhibits at the New York Mondomusica violin-making fair.

At 6pm I go to concerts and listen to my clients perform.

Painting My father was a professor of the arts and he did this painting behind me [main picture].

Satyr My parents gave me this marble cast of a satyr, the original of which is in the Glyptothek in Munich.

It’s very stereotypically German, but I feel efficiency is an important thing in life, and I made as many violins in the evenings as I did during school time.

It gives me goose pimples just talking about it Making violins Three years ago I began selling violins I had made.

I have been making them for 30 years, but only now do I feel they are good enough to sell. Choosing the correct piece of wood is the most difficult thing to learn.

In my profession I have to be my own coach – I really criticise myself. Violin This violin [pictured] is an exact copy of one made in 1660 by Nicolò Amati.

I chose the same type and cut of wood – cutting wood is like cutting meat; it either falls away in your mouth or it’s chewy.

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Unlike some colleagues, I have refused to use computers to help me select wood – Stradivari didn’t use them 300 years ago, so I won’t either.

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