Dating using astrology

Some transits came and went so softly, it's as though Pluto had merely tip-toed through my life. The year Pluto was about to conjoin my Sun, I called my favorite psychic. Why do Pluto transits, along with so many mythic and spiritual traditions, offer the same pain-ridden story of death, transformation and rebirth?

Unlike real planets, said the scientists, Pluto wasn't powerful enough to shove anyone else around.* Yet this is the very reason astrologers will keep using him.All alone you suffer, until a door opens in your underworld locker and in walks Pluto. If she could understand, you'd explain it; but she doesn't, so you can't.Instead she cries bloody murder until one day she just lets go.As neighbors gathered and a line of uniformed men marched in to observe me, I heard my husband explain he had somewhere else to go. Later I discovered that my natal Saturn was in Scorpio, conjunct my husband's Ascendant, and Pluto was transiting that point.My husband was transforming his approach to the world (Pluto crossing his Ascendant).

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