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The coconut is a very natural coconut, not sweet at all.

I’m not noticing the citrus notes individually or the vanilla at all, but I’m sure they support the fragrance.

The new fragrance continues tradition of feminine and tame compositions leaving a cuddling and honey-sweet trail on woman's skin.

Composition of the new editions opens with a luminous citrusy blend of Sicilian bergamot and mandarin spiced with bitterish and insolent trace of black and pink pepper.

(Melted Wood Nature Print) Flacon of Sensuous Nude has the same shape as its antecedent.

It is colored in powdery pink, announcing sensuality of the composition.

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Sensuous Nude is a new version of the original perfume Sensuous from 2008.

If I had to sum up Sensuous Nude I'd say it's a slightly higher quality mature version of a typical Bath and Body Works fragrance. That's probably being a bit too harsh, perhaps, because I do like this perfume and I would buy a full bottle if the price was right.Throughout the morning I was getting an occasional whiff of something yummy and realized it's ME! I'm going to buy a full bottle and I'm just so happy that I have finally found a fragrance that I really truly love and I can wear at work! It is more the subdued scent of coconut carried on a tropical breeze, or the shreddings atop a confection.That discreet coconut is quietly blended into the fragrance with all of the other softly sweet scents to produce a very pretty concoction that wears like second skin.Not only that but it comes off as kind of sheer, which again doesn't match up with the presentation. Im not sure if I like it as much now * These are my personal experiences/thoughts with this fragrance. * Initial - pepper coconut orange bergamot Drydown - sandalwood vanilla coconut musk Duration - 6-7 hours Projection - soft My Experiences - This perfume is so aptly named. On drydown this is a subtle, but delicious woody musk fragrance.When you see a dense mauve colored bottle you don't think sheer. I don't know where that's coming from.) A lovely girl that work in the Estee Lauder section in a store in my town gave me the tester and was almost full, It' not a favourite of mine but it's alright, the note I notice immediately after apply is Honey and tones of it followed by coconut then I get the Jasmine and LOV, it's an easy perfume, I think my taste of perfumes changed every decade, I use to love fresh perfumes than I loved florals and now I love oriental and balsamic musk spices. Quick Thoughts - sexy, musk, woody, warm, dry It took me a while to come up with the words for this review.

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This on me is primarily woody, and it comes off very similarly to Clean White Woods (on me, it’s almost an exact match). Certainly doesn't smell cheap or anything like that; you're getting that old dependable quality that comes with the Estee Lauder name.

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