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The League has real people vetting its applicants via their Facebook and Linked In profiles in an attempt to create a selective community of educated, relationship-minded singles. And having to wait for admission is exactly what the app’s founder Amanda Bradford wants. You don’t absolutely need a college degree to get into the League, Bradford says, though the majority of the app’s users do have some higher education.Her theory is that, the longer someone waits, the more eager they’ll be to use the app once they’re on it. The admissions process sounds a bit like screening for a brainier version of “The Bachelor”: “We try to let in the people who we think want to be there and are there for the right reasons,” Bradford says. Some dating apps have had problems with bots or spam accounts, which can make it hard to tell if you’re chatting with a real human or a machine.

And second: A quality photo provides an accurate view of the person you’re swiping left or right on. “I want to arm people with as much information as possible.” She also recommends including photos of several parts of your life.

But on the League, real people are vetting everyone who’s accepted onto the app — hence the long wait list — to make sure that all the users are real themselves.

“Everyone is who they say they are,” Bradford says.

Throughout my life, I watched my sisters and my friends spend endless hours trying to figure out what was going on in a man’s head – and why they had such a hard time finding and keeping a truly amazing relationship.

I realized that, as a guy, I could shine a light on what men think and why we behave the way we do – giving you an enormous advantage in dating and relationships.

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On the first season of HBO’s “Insecure,” even hard-charging lawyer Molly Carter (Yvonne Orji) has to wait three months to be accepted. In an interview this week, Bradford explained what people can do to get off the wait list, and other secrets behind the selective dating app. Would you apply to college without writing an entrance essay? Well, it’s smart to treat your League profile the same way.

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