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I have paid and am pretty p#ssed if it turns out to be a scam.

What I want to know is if there are any employers out there who will attest to using the site?

So I guess it’s all our luck and we have to be little patients about finding a job in Dubai. Companies out there can not do a fake business, especially country like Canada or Dubai….

and after reading all of your guyz comments, I thought to give them a call and talk to them.If an employer has paid and has been able to view our resumes, then technically they are not a scam right?They are providing an online service and the whole system is working ok.But I do not believe an organization like should black mail a candidate and lure them to purchase their CV builder to get for a job.Just so you know, I am not the only one, I have gone through forums on being a scam, I have my friends who faced similar problems. Kevin Brown Zee Net Work Dubai Media City All waht andrew is saying is that Jobsin Dubai the real known scam company is OK and a very well known company Like is not OK. unless andrew and his fake letter is just a Jobsinduabi collaborator Anyway, I guess people are not stupid and anyone want a complete perspective should check ...

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