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Mostly by allowing the audience reading to use their imagination.This relates to the overall stages of development in the book's plot.It takes place in the Canadian wilderness, where Brian Robeson’s, who is 13 yrs. Brian shows a lot of determination and strength, to be able to survive in the wilderness, with no one else.The story starts out with Brian in the city, he lives with his mother, who is divorced. Brian was on his way to see him because his mother had cheated on his father and divorced him, so his father moved away.I thought it would have a somewhat boring beginning like most other books I read....[tags: essays research papers] - This book is written by Gary Paulsen.

I was surprised that the author went right to the plane wreck.

As the story progresses, Brian (the main character) becomes less and less like his former self; becoming a more “simple” person.

Before the crash while he was in civilized life, he had many small things to worry about in his daily life....

His mother gives him a gift before he leaves and it is a hatchet that fits on his belt so Brian puts it there. Brian and the pilot get ready to leave and then Brian remembers that he saw a man kissing his mom but he does not let it bother him.... Brian’s mother didn’t know that Brian knew she had left his father for another man and the secret was killing him....

[tags: essays research papers] - The story The Hatchet is about a boy, Brian Robeson and how he gets stranded in northern Canada when the pilot of the plane he is on has a heart attack. [tags: essays research papers] - Hatchet Author: Gary Paulson Main Theme: The story Hatchet’s theme is determination, perseverance and survival.

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He does have one tool to help him, a hatchet that his mother had given him as a gift.

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