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And all of these different data munching techniques – interactive queries, graph analysis, search, even the message passing interface (MPI) technique used in parallel supercomputers – to all plug in and chew on the same data inside the cluster.

Murthy says that YAN has been tested to span between 3,000 and 5,000 nodes already and he is confident, based on simulations, that it will span as far as 10,000 nodes by the time it goes into production.

Murthy says that you can now federate three, four, or five Name Nodes with maybe 4,500 server nodes under each, giving you somewhere between 13,500 and 22,500 server nodes that can have Map Reduce or other algorithmic work dispatched to them.

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"I don't want to oversell it because it isn't fully real until we have deployed it somewhere," says Murthy with a laugh.

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