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They almost surely fled the hazards of the Ice Age on foot 13,000 years ago at the tail end of the Ice Age.Because the sheets of polar ice locked up huge amounts of water, sea levels around the world fell about three hundred feet.It had no negative connotations as far as they were concerned and they said feeling was common to all other Ameican Indians. "Indians swarmed over the continents and islands from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, creating communities, establishing networks of trails and trade and adapting the land everywhere to human purposes.European invasion destroyed and brought on a Dark Age for the native peoples, who were cursed by their conquerors as savages and heathens.Both routes led through tundra, boreal forest, deciduous forest, prairie, and desert and other environments like today's.Columbus reached islands in the Caribbean in 1492 and therefore was the first European to discover what became America.In the most primitive geophysical sense, this country was formed 3.5 billion years ago of Precambrian granite.After the last glacier retreated, the land was garnished with grasses and forests, that crept north across the rock.

The Alaskan corridor from Old to New World has often been called a land 'bridge', but this is something of a misnomer, for the area left high and dry measured more than 1300 kilometres at its widest and offered opportunity in a cold tundra-steppe environment for generations of animals and humans to cross it.

No part of Canada has ever had an original population.

For thousands of centuries after the earth's crust formed the physical features that comprise Canada, not a living soul trekked across that vast territory. The lonely wastes awaited the arrival of Aborigines - ab origine) (from the beginning) who spread across this empty land at the end of the last Ice Age.

For them the settling of North America was an epic written in the blood and sweat of ordinary people, men, women and children.

Like all epics, it originated with the oral tradition, tales told around the campfire in the language of Native braves.

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