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We're bringing you select ratings from the top 15 locales.Read an explanation of the ratings and check out the full list, which includes some well known cities and a few that are off the beaten track, at Ask Physique - Most Indian men are scrawny with feminine bodies. Indian culture is 'weird' to the average white American woman. India is the birthplace of Eastern religions, Yoga (all White American woman are crazy for it) and spirituality. The concept of arranged marriage and having one partner for life does not bode well for SOME women. Most Indians in the US are either 1st or 2nd generation and have not fully assimilated into mainstream American culture in the same respect African American and Latino men have. The dating / inter-racial totem pole from the average White American woman's viewpoint: 1. I prefer one good and beautiful vegetarian girl with whom i can... I dont have a father thus the only person whom i love and respect is my mom. Read more I am glad you are interested in my profile. Work and home both are important to me and its my endeavor to maintain a healthy balance between my personal and professional l... I am all about enjoying the small things in life and grabbing every opportunity that comes my way. Read more hi there, i am basically from india(Ludhiana). Read more Born and Raised in Victoria, BC I'm very family oriented, and love sports (but then again what guy doesn't). I am a confident man who always thought that I would find someone on my own and will live happily ever after however, life take funny turns. Thanks to they help me to find for me perfect life partner.Read more Hey, I have done my Diploma from Centennial College. I am done with Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and now pursuing Post Graduation from canada. I love to travel and spend time hanging out with friends. I am Rupinder kaur from delhi india and my husband is Sandeep Dhir from calgary, Canada. "Woman's place is in the home, but how much she will find there will depend entirely upon how much tradition or her own intelligence and insight have put there, and on the measure in which she spends herself in devotion to her children and to her husband." ----- William Gayley Simpson I forgot a couple more.... Younger generation, like me are different, but stereotype holds true -- Positives of Indian (Hindu / Sikh) men: 3. Thousands of years of generations worth of recessive genetics would all be lost in ONE generation if race mixing occurred. You take a bunch of criminally insane, psychopathic serial killers and have them inbreed for 300 years, and this is what you get. Majority of Indian men refuse to join a gym and take care of our bodies.

I was born in India and brought up in Canada (family immigrated to Canada in 2001). I have completed my Honors degree and now pursuing another diploma. I find it silly to mention this but because everyo...I enjoy the simple joys life has to offer and love to spend time with my family.... Being quite ambitious and passionate towards my career, I wish to rise high in my field and make a mark for myself with my work. Read more I am an independent working woman currently studying in Canada and planning to settle in Canada after studying so I am searching for a life partner who will understand my aspirations ,is genuine, hone... I came to Canada in 2016 and completed my Masters degree from Western University, London, Canada. Read more Hello, am glad you chose to visit my profile. My family is of a paramount importance to me and I strike a healthy balance between work and personal life. Read more I am glad you are interested in my profile. I think its the right time for me to settle down in life and hence seeking suitable alliance h... Read more After getting information from, we both talked for almost three and half months. finally our families met on 10/04/2017 during my visit to India. My man sent me a request to connect on may 15/2017, we exchanged phone numbers and there was no looking back since the first message we clicked like soulmates. Meanwhile, I found her profile, We exchange photos and contact number then we chat on Whats App and Facebook because she is in India and I am in Canada. Matter for As they say marriages are made in heaven; ours needed a platform to meet here one on this planet!!!Currently, I am working as a software developer in Toronto. I am doing post graduation in hospitality management in canada and have plan to get PR here. I like to take vacations and enjoy exploring new places and learning about different cultures. Read more I want the person who can treat my mom as her mom and can except the same from my side for her parents. People around me talked about soulmates but I never really understood until we connected. proved to be that same platform for me, where I could meet the man of my dreams. For both Keron and me, meeting someone online was the last option.My father is an electrical engineer, mother a business woman and I have one younger brother. I am ambitious, determined and focused to do well in life. Read more I have Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology and Science. I like exploring, trying new things, trying new food, baking, travelling, hikes, swimming, yoga, etc.

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Education As a White woman I would never date outside my race.

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