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These scholars generally try to compare the social aspects of life during Zarathushtra (as can be deducted from the Gathas) and compare it with the first accurately known times, namely, the Achaemenian era, and then place a date.The Pahlavi of the Bundahishn, one of the Zoroastrian scripture written around the time of the Arab conquest of Persia, (either in the Sassanian era, or after the Arab attack), states that Zarathushtra was born in 588 BC, stating that this was 258 years before Alexander’s conquest of Persia.Destiny, founded by Rabbi Berel Wein, is a 501(c)(3) educational media foundation dedicated to bringing Jewish history to life in an exciting and interactive way.Films and multi-media programming are designed to educate and inspire, demonstrating how every Jew fits into the big picture of Jewish history.

The Miracle of Israel is part of the documentary series, Faith and Fate - The Story of the Jewish People in the 20th Century.

To demonstrate how each and every Jew fits into the big picture of Jewish history.

Berel Wein, "the voice of Jewish history", and Ashley Lazarus, award winning film director, present the story of the Jewish people in the context of world history - as an informative tool to help understand today's world.

And although his wife isn’t keen on Mayu (understandable), for Masayuki, ‘it was love at first sight’ the moment he saw her in the showroom.

He takes her on dates in a wheelchair, and dresses her in wigs and sexy clothing. Around 2,000 of these life-like dolls are sold every year in Japan, costing about £4,600 each.

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Some scholars have adopted other methods and generally come up with post Achaemenian dates, which are now proven to be inaccurate.

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