Dating a colt trooper mkiii

The owner said he had been shooting this ammo in the revolver for years.The revolver itself is in great shape and locks up tight, functions correctly in all aspects.

This satin electroless nickel finish is often mistaken for stainless steel. A few Trooper Mark III's were special ordered by law enforcement in .38 Special. The Lawman was a fixed sight Service type revolver.Grips were originally narrow Service grips, but later production were often fitted with Target grips.Nickel and Coltguard finished guns came with Pachmayr "Signature" rubber grips with Colt medallions. The early production 2 inch guns had the same exposed ejector rod as the 4 inch version, later production had a heavy, shrouded ejector rod barrel that made the gun look like a giant Detective Special.The Trooper and 357 are often called a "Poor man's Python" because they have the same frame and action.The Trooper is a very strong gun, and although it was a "budget model" it's quality and finish puts newer guns to shame.

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