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The route itself has been called a Stair Master in a steam room, with ankle-deep clay muck, slippery roots, and portions that become waterfalls.

As you might expect, the death toll and the harsh conditions started to deter trekkers.

The most remote section of Canyonlands National Park receives about 2,000 visitors per year, and not because it isn’t worth visiting.Since the ill-fated 2009 season, the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea have spent millions of dollars bringing more modern facilities to the trail.You still have to watch out for all the dangers listed above, but the wild route is changing rapidly.In 2009, 13 people died in a plane crash en route to the trailhead, and four more hikers died on the trail, which takes up to 11 days to complete.They faced malaria, extreme heat, frigid nights, and daily bone-soaking afternoon rains.

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But the real danger begins when you follow the trail past the mythical city and up Huayna Picchu, aka the “Hike of Death.” The old Inca staircase is carved out of granite and climbs about 1,000 feet in less than a mile.

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