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According to vocalist Alice Glass, the song "is about human taxidermy, the idea of preserving the beauty of a lover the way you would an animal".

"Courtship Dating" was received positively by critics, with NME describing it as "synth-pop filled up with muted screams, jerking bass and sparking circuit boards" and "the best piece of humanity-loathing cyborg pop since The Knife's Silent Shout".

I often hear people discuss self-esteem like it’s something mystical and in short supply.

Fundamentally, self-esteem comes down to treating and regarding yourself as a person of value.

At least Timbaland was using a sample; some artists steal whole songs outright.

When people in the photos found themselves plastered around the city without their permission, they were understandably upset — which is why the laws protecting people are in place to begin with.

With that lack of confidence, who are you likely to choose?

You’ll try to change them and win them to bolster yourself – love against the odds.

With a ‘co-pilot’ that has a reasonable level of self-esteem, you’ll initially feel bolstered by their ‘investment’ in you and then because of your beliefs and the fears, you won’t in this relationship and treat them like a driver and act like a passenger.

If you’ve struggled to process and act upon code amber and red behaviour and are boggled by boundaries, it’s because you’re not confident in your value and you don’t believe you’re worthwhile enough to Often you’ll assume that ‘others’ get treated better because they have some magical quality, better looks, job, more money or something that has even the most jumped up assclowns in the universe automatically knowing where the line is.

That’s completely untrue.can’t find value in you, you figure there must be something seriously wrong with you.

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It’s about your confidence and perceiving yourself as being worthwhile.

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