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Anyone here experienced / knowledgeable on the ubject of babbitt bearings and the proper lubricant for them?Do I need to find brass / glass oilers or just oil cups like on my South Bend Lathe headstock if I need to run oil in these bearings? It has an 8" wheel on the left, the main casting is 12" from side-to side, the shaft is 1-1/4" diameter, and about 24" long. You are a brave person asking this question, I don't quite get it but apparently the lubrication question raises a lot of strong opinions/emotion as obviously only one right lubricant exists .

The Green Velvet Oil is about a 90 weight, plain mineral oil made from parrafin based stocks with the tackifier added.

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I guess oil is the thing to use, the problem now lies in procuring either oil cups or oilers. MSC has some choices and I am sure Mc Master Carr has as well. Caps back there like that suggest it was possibly once a ring oiled design. E., chambers under journals, ring on journal big enough to dip down into chamber, nice spindle oil in chambers.

Oil cups would undoubtedly be cheapest, and perhaps if I install felt wicks like in the SBL headstock that would keep things well lubed without an excess of oil running all over the place. An old friend of mine always used straight STP on his babbit bearings on his 100 year old sawmill. Folks that do not understand these superb high speed bearings are apt to "fix it" with grease cups.

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Green Velvet Oils are made by a small firm specifically for old engines and old machinery.

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