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"Day one of the first show we're taping," Hardwick began, everyone is "rushing around" and nervous."We're wating for [co-host] Jenny [Mc Carthy] ...He hopes to spotlight some of his favorite stand-up comics/comedians, as he believes there isn't much space for it on television at the moment. “Don’t send me out for anything that isn’t science related.”“I really thought he was crazy,” laughs Alex Murray, his manager at Brillstein Entertainment Partners, who nevertheless indulged his client’s whimsy.But as much as I like and respond to Chris as an artist, he put real metrics together with an audience that can be very fickle. He’s not pretentious or a promotional bag of air.“One ), believes Hardwick’s appeal is his accessibility. “He comes across as a regular Joe, but he has this nice spark and great energy.He also makes sure his guests have a good time on his shows.”After merging Geek Chic Daily into Nerdist News and helping Hardwick secure a You Tube Nerdist Channel (premiering April 1), Levin set about creating novel strategic partnerships and tapping unused geek culture momentum.There are advertisers on all other Nerdist media offerings and Levin expects to have them on soon.Upcoming Nerdist ventures include Hardwick’s summer Comedy Central comedy special, televised versions of the podcast for BBC America, a U. comedy tour, a film and TV production company, and publishing imprint.

has already aired several themed specials on BBC America, with guests like Kunal Nayyar, David Tennant, Simon Pegg and Nathan Fillion, and Hardwick noted that "theming" each of those broadcasts gave it a spine and gave "the show a jumping-off point." He hopes to do the same with the new series.It became a point-of-view-driven career.”Hardwick’s internal shift mirrored a similar change in the cultural and business zeitgeist, which he sought to harness. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole is a better approach than the way media used to work.He started his site,, as a modest outlet for his interests and to promote his appearances.“I had a personal blog, but why does anyone care that I went shopping for hats? “I wanted a site that was bigger than me, that spoke more to nerd culture, but was driven by the things I cared about. But you still see companies fighting that.“We’re not in an information age anymore. “People gravitate toward information delivery sources that they can relate to on a personal level.Today, Hardwick, 40, is the founder and chief creative officer of Nerdist Industries, a Los Angeles multimedia venture he runs with CEO Peter Levin, that comprises a nerd culture news site, podcasts, newsletter, live events, and Nerdist Channel on You Tube.His rebranding has resulted in packed 800-plus-seat theaters at his stand-up comedy shows, brisk sales of his nerd self-help book, , DJing on Los Angeles radio, and acting in TV pilots that didn’t get picked up.

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Enter Peter Levin, cofounder of the Geek Chic Daily newsletter and a digital media entrepreneur best known for brokering the 2009 multi-million-dollar sale of hosting gig.”Chris had grown Nerdist in a short amount of time into a phenomenally compelling platform, but he wasn’t focused on monetizing that platform,” says Levin.

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