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For your convenience, we have listed examples from three such providers.Orange cost to call an 03 is currently 7.5 p per minute Vodafone currently does not charge for 03 charity lines Talk Talk typically charges 11.5p per minute 0300s are industry specific numbers especially for not-for-profit organisations such as the NHS, Police, the BBC and charities such as Oxfam and the RSPCA. standard rate from landlines and slightly more from mobiles.Why not earn money from incoming calls with a premium rate number service?090 premium rate phone numbers are revenue sharing numbers, which means you get paid whenever somebody calls you.If you’re looking to buy a premium rate number, Callagenix have a range of 09 numbers available with rates ranging from 10p/min up to £1.50/min.In addition, for specialist premium rate services we have a range of pence-per-call premium rate numbers. Quick note – sorry, but we do not offer 090 numbers for adult chatlines.

The recommended format to use is: "Calls cost x pence per minute (ex.Call revenues are paid per minute, or part thereof. Call revenues are paid per call made, provided the call does not last more than 59 seconds.To see the full range of tariffs available, please click here for the Revenue Numbers page.For more details please email [email protected], or call on the number below.Rates, tariffs, local area codes, NGNs, freephone and not so free to phone – trying to make sense of telephone call charges is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

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This could be something simple like a recorded message, or something more sophisticated like forwarding on to a customer support call centre hunt group.

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