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If you have been accused of one of those crimes, don't hesitate to retain a Chattanooga sex crime defense lawyer.

If the crime is serious, the minor could be tried in an adult court.

Our attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of children from the harsh penalties associated with charges such as underage drinking, minor drug possession, and even serious felony accusations.

In Tennessee, any sentence longer than 11 months and 29 days is considered a felony. § 40-32-101 allows those who have been charged with misdemeanors or felonies to petition the court to have their record expunged.

Conviction of a felony can result in forced surrender of several of your constitutional rights, including your right to own a gun, vote, or run for public office, and could even affect your immigrant status, resulting in possible deportation. This is only possible if you have not been convicted of a crime or if you have completed diversion.

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