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Engelbrecht also testified that the Whats App messages between the accused and Alterskye had been deleted from their phones by the time they were handed over to the police.He told the court that neither of the cellphones had SIM cards.However, during cross-examination, he said he made a mistake, by presenting the mean time of her death, and that he should have provided a range of between and on July 24.Engelbrecht continued that the analysis revealed which handset the messages had been sent from, but could not determine who sent the messages.

The big and tall, dark-skinned and burly Somali American looked so damn good in a bright red speedo with a black leather mask hiding his handsome face.

Mistress Shana asked, grinning maliciously as her submissive, Jamal Abdullahi, knelt before her.

"Yes Mistress Shana," Jamal Abdullahi replied, and Mistress Shana smiled, pleased with her sub's answer.

Braxton came to the night club looking for a cutie, female or male, to sex down, and when he approached Shana, he got way more than he bargained for. And the fact that Braxton was bisexual didn't seem to bother her.

That's when Braxton knew he'd struck gold, and he and Shana forged a kinky partnership...

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