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I’d say “Call the Caterer” if I just knew whether you were allergic to cats....lol:)” “... I’d joined the dating service six weeks before, primarily to meet some nice men and get out of the house for a bit every other weekend when my kids were with their dad.

It was time to start thinking about family instead of career.

During our initial telephone conversation, days after he sent me that introductory email, we shared with each other what we were looking for—me, just a good time and he, a relationship (assuming the chemistry was just right).

“I had to pick him up on our first lunch date—he was sporting a huge cast on his right leg from a recent motorcycle accident and was unable to drive—and when he opened the door, we both grinned like maniacs.

Except the Internet Bar has some pretty huge advantages over the brick-and-mortar scene: • More opportunity = less desperation.

When you consider the nights you’ve spent in bars hoping to talk to this person or that, then hoping this person or that would ask for your number, it seems like a ridiculous amount of work for so little yield.

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