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She's been doing her thing for years and it's all coming together amazingly for her now.It made sense to ask Siobhan to be the face of the Aaliyah collection because she's heavily into music and loves to express herself through her clothing and styling.But on Tuesday, the New York Post obtained a photo of Ouzounian that suggests Affleck at the very least pampered her.

It stands out, it is a statement piece and essentially that's so refreshing. To be honest, I really dislike mass production as a concept, it has never appealed to me in the slightest.The theme of your new collection is Aaliyah – why did you choose her? She was so authentic, and it wasn't just evident in her music and dance routines but also in her style and the way she carried herself. We actually approached her via Instagram and she instantly loved the brand.When we were approached by Selfridges London to create an exclusive collection for their Music Matters theme, Aaliyah instantly came to mind. A friend showed Theophilus the Megastar bombers and he instantly loved them. We sent a photographer to her home in LA and shot that campaign just under two hours, as well.Her third collection, an ode to none other than 90s R&B queen Aaliyah, launches today at Selfridges and on their website. I was feeling quite stifled, creatively, at the time so I decided to do something about it.Here, the designer gives talks about the new collection. I've always been a collector of imagery, books, magazines and clothing throughout the years so it made sense to turn my fandom into something tangible.

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Cue: Elle Azhdari, a London-based designer who is taking the merch craze a step further with her unisex streetwear line, The Fan.

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