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1744 The first schools were established in Beaufort, through the will of James Winwright.1747 The Spanish invaded Beaufort, the local militia forced them to leave.Note that the lots on the west side of Queen are shorter than all others laid out in town.1739 An Act of the Assembly in March converted all Precincts to Counties.

1782 The school in Beaufort was used by the militia to meet and negotiate with the British when they invaded Beaufort. 1796 The third Court House was built in the intersection of Ann and Turner Streets.1811 An earthquake in Charleston, SC shook the area.1813 A rumor spread that Beaufort harbor was blockaded by two British schooners.August, the Council established Carteret Precinct, with Beaufort as the seat.1723 November 23, Beaufort was incorporated and five lots were sold that had lapsed from former owners who had not built on them. John’s Parish of the Anglican Church was established, covering the entire precinct area.

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