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The Vietnamese immigrant fled his homeland by boat in 1980 and joined the U. Navy at the age of 20, according to the Westminster city website.

In September 2009, Quach plead guilty to DUI after he crashed his car into a pole and knocked out power to hundreds of homes in Little Saigon, the community he represents.

"It's unfortunate that the trust those people put into him to give him a second chance, that he violated that," Jones added."If you're representing some city, you should be more responsible for your actions," Irvine resident Annie Dang said. Quach was released Tuesday after posting ,000 bail.

Quach was appointed to the Westminster City Council in November 2002, and re-elected in 20.A blood test revealed that he had a blood-alcohol level of more than three times the legal level, according to officials.He later pleaded guilty to the DUI charges."I fully recognize and appreciate that the years of service I have put into this city were damaged by my recent mistakes, although I hope the damage is not irreparable," Quach said at a 2009 city council meeting when he apologized for his actions.She has a life behind the curtains that we do not know about and we shouldn’t because it is not our business.If we love music and we love Nhu Quynh we should focus only on her voice and when she’s singing for us and not judge her on her personal life.

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Later on there were rumor relationships with a lawyer and with an office candidate Andy Quach (not Andy Quach the singer).

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