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Earl sends Randy back to high school to get his touchdown back, but finds out that Joy had his car impounded since he refused to give her any of his lotto money.Unknown to Joy at the time, the car contained the lotto money.Earl and Randy go to the impound yard to get the car back, but Earl has to pay 00 for unpaid parking tickets.Meanwhile, during Randy's game, Earl and Catalina were there to give him support, and Randy almost gets a touchdown, but fumbles the ball, which costs his team the game.It's time for the Camden County Fair and Randy is eager to go, having gone with Earl every year since they were children.Earl, on the other hand, wants to cross something off the list and therefore chooses an easy one: making up for causing a golfer named Scott (Johnny Galecki) believe that he kept playing great games, in order to get him to buy everyone drinks.

Earl took drastic measures to get out of the relationship, culminating in getting Randy to tell her he's been killed.

In its first month, it was also the highest rated new sitcom of the season to air on any network and was the highest rated sitcom on any network in the 18–49-year-old demographic. Jason Lee was nominated for the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild award both for best actor in a comedy television series.

The series was nominated for the 2006 Golden Globes for best comedy television series.

The DVD set was released on Region 2 on September 25, 2006 and on Region 1 on September 19, 2006.

Season 1 of My Name Is Earl runs for about 526 minutes and about 20 minutes for each episode.

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