9th grader dating a 7th grader

For those with a low to average IQ, LLI almost always results in mental disabilities, up to and including insanity.For those with a high IQ, insanity is still possible, but there is another possibility…true creative genius.I saw doctors constantly, and was diagnosed with everything under the sun, since little was known of LLI at the time (heck, little is still known).

The little girl who shared his table was always very clean and proper. The Jetsons Episode 2 Family Secrets by: Docker5000 - This is a short story featuring the classic cartoon characters the Jetsons. Jane Jetson was in the kitchen over seeing Rosie her house r.... It was first time for our coupling after an awful long time for Ester, and quite long time for me.

In that show, Michael had LLI, and much of what he was able to do was because of that condition. This filtering process is called ‘latent inhibition’ – and it means that the conscious mind is only aware of a fraction of the data being processed by the brain.

In some rare cases, the ability to filter incoming data is decreased. Everyone has different levels of latent inhibition. It is a dysfunction that has both positive and negative sides. It only oscillates between hyper-awareness and extreme-awareness – with the latter being something to be concerned about.

If you or your children have been diagnosed with any of the above, you may just have LLI, and medication prescribed for the above could cause severe long-term harm if you don’t actually have the condition it was prescribed for. (While I’ve re-written extensively, I can’t take credit for most of this, so thank you LLI group on Facebook).

For many of you, you probably found this page after watching an episode of Prison Break. As you grow, the mind learns to label objects and filter out extraneous information.

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