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The spreadsheet version allows the discount costs to be changed for differing spend levels.

The level of detail varies between operators, some supply everything, others just the more common tariff costs.

It's a good idea to write this number down and keep it in a safe place.

When you buy things online always read the small print! If you are taking photos or film of your mates and want to put them online, always check with them first – it’s part of being a good digizen (digital citizen). Once a picture is posted online it can be copied, changed and distributed without your knowledge.Magenta Systems simply publishes this price information for comparison purposes.Nor do we take any money from these companies to list their information, it is totally impartial.Non-Members may view the residential tariffs as web pages, but to download them in spreadsheet format or access the various code tables you need to become a paid member.The business pages look identical to the residential pages, they simply contain different companies and figures.

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